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The cake at the Junior Ambassador Reception

Megan and I were very busy this week! We spent time brainstorming  for future fundraisers and came up with some very fun ideas, so keep checking back to get updates on how those are coming along.

On August 24th, the Junior Ambassador Reception took place at the Private Bank. It was great to meet with so many people that work with the Neighborhood House. We also got the chance to meet with last year’s Junior Ambassador, Elizabeth Brykalski, and to speak about what we hope to accomplish for the Neighborhood House this year with everyone at the reception. The cake was delicious as well! Thank you to everyone who attended this event! I will have more pictures posted from the Reception soon.

Later in the week, Megan and I had the opportunity to go shopping at Target for new toys to put in the Birthday Room at the Clothes Closet. We ended up getting a ton of great toys and we had a lot of fun while shopping for them! The toys will be used to restock the Clothes Closet’s Birthday Room, which is where children can go to pick out a new toy for their birthday. This was a fun project for us and we will hopefully have the chance to complete similar projects in the future!

Megan and I will continue to work on projects for the Neighborhood House throughout the year, so keep checking back to see what we are up to!

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