Recent Events

The Mark Tisdel Benefit Concert and the VanHoosen Pumpkin Festival were this past Saturday (October 9th).

The Concert went very well and many people came out to show their support for the Neighborhood House. Raffle prizes were awarded to some of the attendees. These prizes included gift cards to many local businesses. Thank you to the sponsors of this event for making it happen!

The Pumpkin Festival also went very well! Alot of food was collected for the Neighborhood House Food Pantry. Two of our Youth Committee members, Grace and Angela, came to help collect the food at the event. You can see their picture on the RANH Facebook. Thank you to all that helped at the event and thanks to everyone who came and donated food for the Food Pantry!

The 2010-2011 Youth Committee has also been created! There are over 40 members in total! We have notified all of the members and started up our Wiggio group. Our first meeting should be at the end of this month, and Megan and I are really excited to be able to work with all of the members! Thank you to everyone who joined the Committee for showing an interest in helping the Neighborhood House!

I will keep you updated about our first meeting and future Youth Committee projects!

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