Last Post!

Hi everyone,
This is my last blog post as the Junior Ambassador of the Rochester Area Neighborhood House, so I have a lot to cover!
Because my year’s term is over, the Youth Committee Chair, senior Megan D’Arcy, will be moving into the Junior Ambassador spot, and a new Youth Committee Chair, sophomore Kaylee Zajac, will be entering the program.
I am very excited for both of these girls as they continue on in the program and continue to help the Neighborhood House and make this community a better place!
My final effort for Neighborhood House as Junior Ambassador was helping to plan the 5k Run with the Rochester Hills Government Youth Council. This took place on Saturday, June 18th and was a huge success! We were able to raise almost 9,000 dollars for the Neighborhood House and the runners and families had a lot of fun! I would like to thank our business sponsors and runners for participating and making the event great! For more coverage on the event, please see the article in the Rochester Patch from this week!
about a month ago, the Stoney Creek High School Student Council also adopted RANH as the benefactor for their annual Charity Week. This event raised over 3,000 dollars for the Neighborhood House.
Instances such as these have been ones that have taught me of the warm hearted and giving nature of our community. As Junior Ambassador this year, I have been shown the workings of an amazing organization as well as the amazing hearts of the people who I have been lucky enough to work with.
I have been introduced to wonderful people who continually give without asking for anything in return. I have heard stories of community members who give up their own luxuries in order to make the lives of those less fortunate a bit more comfortable. I have worked in many areas of this non profit, from mailing out flyers, to stringing bells for the Kris Kringle Market, to helping plan events– and I am grateful for every minute of it.
I am also grateful for having been given the chance to work with Megan this year. She has been so helpful and I would like to thank her for the countless hours and insurmountable effort that she has put into this program. She has been vital for many projects that we have tackled this year–especially the pilot of our donation houses that will be placed in businesses this year and the Youth Committee group that has really taken off this year (50 members!)
Megan will continue to post on this blog as she goes through the upcoming year as Junior Ambassador, so check back often!
I cannot put all of the feelings and thoughts I have for the Neighborhood House into one blog post. It has been a big part of my life for an entire year and I will truly miss it. The Neighborhood House is a wonderful organization that holds the best interest of our neighbors close to it, and I will forever remember this year that I have spent working in it. I have learned how willing others are to help when you express a need for it, and I have learn how far a little bit of effort and kindness can go in the lives of others.
Thank you,

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