About RANH

Rochester Area Neighborhood House is a nonprofit organization that has been helping those in need in the Rochester area since 1968. They provide food, transportation, clothing, counseling, and financial assistance to help our neighbors move toward self-sufficiency and a better life. They partner with those in the community in order to attain the means that are necessary to help others. Check out the RANH website at ranh.org

The Rochester Area Neighborhood House is built upon these essential core values:

R  espect – all people are treated with respect and without discrimination.

A  ccessible Assistance – people who are in need of basic human services will receive high quality, prompt and compassionate assistance.

N  etwork – we build upon the resources of the faith based, civic and business communities to meet the needs of our neighbors.

H  onesty – we conduct ourselves with integrity by acting at all times in a consistent, transparent, responsible and fiscally prudent manner.

I  nclusive – we collaborate with other human service providers to bring additional assistance, if needed, to our neighbors while striving to avoid duplication of services.

Join in their vision and help the Rochester Area Neighborhood House help others!


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