Meet the YCC

Hello, my name is Kaylee Zajac and I look forward to being the Youth Committee Chairperson for Rochester Area Neighborhood House during the June 2011-June 2012 term!

I will be a Sophomore at Stoney Creek High School this upcoming year. I am involved in many extracurricular activities at Stoney such as Varsity Track and Field where I compete in sprint events and I also throw Discus and Shotput! I am also involved in Stoney’s Student Council, and I’m also an officer for National Honor Society! I’m interested in debate, politics, and the practice of law, hopefully I can turn this passion into a lifelong career. Most of my support in all the things that I accomplish come from my family!

I am super excited to be the YCC for this year! I hope to use my position to help and change Rochester for the better. One of my goals is to spread awareness of RANH, and I feel it should start with the Youth. Teens play a critical role in the future of this community and I feel it is my job to provide the information to help make positive change! Megan D’Arcy was a wonderful YCC and will continue to do great things as the Junior Ambassador, I strive to continue to do a great job just as she did.

Not only do I participate in the community and my school, but I am also a Junior Ambassador of Alaska for the People to People Leadership Program. I plan on using my experience to make this year very successful! I can’t wait to work with my dear friend Megan!



4 Responses to Meet the YCC

  1. Kim says:

    Hi! You are doing amazing work…I’m so proud to see all you have done. Just wanted to say hello and that I miss working with you and capturing your energy. Fantastic work you are doing…keep it going! Kim Spampinato

    • kelseye says:

      Hi! I’m glad to hear from you and we miss working with you as well! I will continue to work hard for the neighborhood house and I am very excited about this upcoming year! Thanks for commenting 🙂

  2. Aaron Hinchman says:

    How can I get on a committee at RANH? I am a senior at SCHS and would like to get involved.
    Aaron Hinchman.

    • kelseye says:

      Hey Aaron!

      If you search the blog, you will find a Youth Committee application. It’s quick and simple to fill out. I’ll facebook you the link too! Tell your friends to join too.

      Thanks for asking!

      Megan D’Arcy

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