What Can You Do?

Our neighbors are doing amazing things to help the Neighborhood House, and you can too!  

The finished product is amazing and required the hard work and help of our neighbors!

Tyler Dawson, a future Eagle Scout, recently completed a wheelchair ramp for a Neighborhood House client in need! This project provided a wheelchair-accessible ramp to a client that is disabled as a result of Multiple Sclerosis. The ramp allows the client to move freely in and out of the home that she shares with her parents and caregiver.

There was a great need for this ramp, and Tyler rose to the challenge with some help from the Neighborhood House, the MS Society, Lion’s Club, and other members of our community!

The funding, design, approval, and building of this ramp took nine months and approximately 330 hours to complete. The ramp was both designed and built by Tyler Dawson and Dan Kruse, with some help from family and friends.

By taking the initiative to go out and get donations and volunteers for this project, Tyler has improved the quality of life for a member of our community. The client can now move safely in and out of her house and step out into the world!

Good job, Tyler, and thank you for helping the Neighborhood House meet the needs of as many clients as possible!


Evan Olejnik and his mother, Renee.

 This month, the Neighborhood House had the pleasure of meeting a boy named Evan Olejnik, who has the RANH mission in his heart!  

Instead of asking for presents on his 5th birthday, Evan asked his parents for donations to the Neighborhood House. 

Evan goes to show that true kindness and giving does not have to be restricted to adults. No matter what age you are, there is always something that you can do to help those in need in our community! Thanks to Evan, the Neighborhood House is closer to fulfilling the needs of our neighbors and can help better the life of another client. 

Thanks, Evan, for your selfless donations and for the great example that you are setting for other members of our future generation! 


Our friends at North Hill lined up to donate their change!

The Rochester Area Neighborhood House has partnered with TCF Bank, creating “Coins for Community” and proving that emptying piggy banks and checking under sofa cushions for small change can make a big change in our community!  

The program recently debuted at North Hill Elementary School during the school’s bagel sales. A donation jar was set up at the sales table and the students voluntarily contributed their spare change to help the Neighborhood House. The week’s donations were taken to TCF Bank for tabulation and the final result was $239.10! This money went to Neighborhood House to help a needy family in our area pay a rent or utility bill.  

Great job, North Hill Elementary!  

Now, let’s follow North Hill’s wonderful example and donate our small change to “Coins for Community”! The program will be introduced to many other Elementary schools in the Rochester Community School District, so keep checking the blog for updates about where the program is next! In the meantime, start checking under your sofa cushions for nickels and dimes!  

Just remember.. small change makes for a big change in our community!  

For more information about the “Coins for Community” program, contact Ms. Diane Hoffman from TCF Bank at (248)454-2220


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